WOLF-O is a personalized orienteering training group, divided in two different fields: orienteering and physical training. The WOLF-O coaching team is composed by Borja Álvarez expert in physic training, and Ricardo García the Spanish Orienteering Coach (see more: https://wolfotraining.wixsite.com/wolfo/quienes-somos).
The WOLF-O project consist in giving orienteering training possibilities to everybody, to reach this goal, we obtain information from you to create a training planning that suits perfectly regarding to your possibilities, needs and requirements. With a specific athletic/mountain/functional/gym/etc planning, programmed for each day of your season and an orienteering training planning with course setting maps close to your location, simulation training and o-analysis through 3Drerun, working specific weakness skills to make you improve as fast as possible as orienteer. All of this is possible thanks to a full integrated planning of the whole season and including both fields (physical and technical) of your training with a constant communication ( by Whatsapp, email, phone, physically when it is possible) between athlete and coaches to keep improving and adapting the training.
More information as training packs, prices and conditions in this website: https://wolfotraining.wixsite.com/wolfo


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